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Our customers are from academic research and industry worlwide. Some application fields served by our AnyWave Fiberbench products:

  • FDA approved ophthalmic surgical OCT

  • Diagnostic ophthalmic OCT

  • Research cardiovascular OCT

  • Industrial OCT

  • Hyperspectral fluorescence microscopy

  • Confocal microscpy

  • Quantum communication

  • Modelock fiber laser research

  • Transparent brain (CLARITY) imaging

  • Large collimator manufacturing

  • Astronomy

  • Infrared laser light source developement

  • Multi wavelength source for confocal microscopy

  • velopment

  • Telecom T&M

  • Etc

CNRC Swept source OCT demonstration:Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography Studies on an Excised Beating Heart – a New Model and an Amazing Video 
Not for the faint hearted!


M. Olivier, M. Gagnon, and M. Piché, "Automated mode locking in nonlinear polarization rotation fiber lasers by detection of a discontinuous jump in the polarization state," Opt. Express  23, 6738-6746 (2015). 


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